Total Pricing Solution

Simple Pricing,
Every Time


Create powerful pricing menus that earn you what you're really worth.

Our software is so simple that you can even do this in front of your prospects.


Perfect Menu in Minutes

Hourly rates don't work. Most of us agree on this statement.

The problem is that everything else can be so complicated to work out.

The software is so simple but powerful that you can even create your pricing structure in front of your clients on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Ekela allows you to create consistent menu pricing options quickly and easily time after time. Send them directly to your clients inbox and take the stress out of pricing.

Our all-in-one pricing software is just £24.99 per month, or free with your membership to The Bookkeepers Alliance.


Consistent Prices

Create pricing consistency through all of your clients. Never again will you need to guess.

Simple to Use

Just a few clicks will produce amazing an amazing menu that you can send directly to your prospect.


Don't let the simplicity mislead you. This is a powerful and fully customisable system to fit your practice.


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